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Wedding at the Host

Congratulations to Jen & Jon Concapetit! The ceremony and reception were held at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, Ma. There were around 140 guests at this special event. From a bridesmaid singing to the bride and groom to the DJ getting the crowd excited all through the night, it wasn't surprising to see guests lining up for our Mirror Me Photo Booth. Susan worked the Heart album table helping guests with their pictures while I tended to the guests using the Mirror. You just can't help being silly when you put on some props and get in front of a camera.

Not only do we print pictures right on the spot for all of the guests, they also have the option to send a copy right to their phone.

We invite you to check out some of the pictures taken from our booth.

Everyone jumping in for a picture.
Love the excitement!

The latest in Photo Booth Technology!

Starbright Entertainment

Mirror Me Photo Booth

Call/Text to: (508)612-1366

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