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Starbright has the best overlays on the market

Platinum package overlays

Here are some of the upgraded overlays that we offer in our Platinum package. There are hundreds to choose from and with 1, 2, 3 or 4 photo options. The overlays also have different color choices available. Custom text on all your pictures makes our Mirror Me Photo Booth a great experience for all your guests.

Overlay 1
Vintage Geometric Postcard

Overlay 2
Polished Floral Postcard

Overlay 3
Classy Act Postcard

Overlay 4
Masquerade Carnival Postcard

Overlay 5
Romantic Ribbon Postcard

Overlay 6
Rosy Celebration Portrait

Overlay 7
Striped Elegance Portrait

Overlay 8
Gorgeous Floral Garden Postcard

Overlay 9
Paper Hearts Crush Postcard

Overlay 10
Beautiful Laser Cut Portrait

Overlay 11
New Year Radiance Portrait

Overlay 12
Holiday Wreath

Overlay 13
Spooky Celebration postcard

Overlay 14
Ultimate Christmas 3-up Strips

Overlay 15
Under the Stars Portrait

Starbright Entertainment

Mirror Me Photo Booth

Call/Text (508)612-1366

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