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  • Kevin Anctil

Rooftop wedding at the Inn on Boltwood

With the ceremony on the rooftop and a violinist playing in the main banquet hall, Mirror Me Photo Booth was set up off the main entrance and awaiting for our first guests to step in front of the mirror to get the ball rolling.

The food was delicious and there were so many choices, tenderloin to turkey and from cake to chocolate covered strawberries.

Our Mirror Photo Booth grabbed everyone's attention the moment they heard the voice over animations start up. Guests lined up and couldn't wait to see what all the excitement was about.

Front image of the Inn
Inn on Boltwood

Rooftop fireplace

Bartop counter
Bar area

Table settings
Very elegant table settings

Beautiful flower arrangements

wooden sign
How true

Prop table
Prop table ready for the picking!

Red carpet
Red carpet leading the way

Magic Mirror awaits.

Starbright Entertainment

Call/Text to: (508)612-1366

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