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Quinceanera in South Windsor CT!

Starbright Entertainment set up our Mirror Me Photo Booth at Maneeley's in South Windsor, CT on Saturday night for a celebration fit for a Queen. The guest of honor looked amazing and had a wonderful time. The photo booth was a hit with everyone, even the kids couldn't keep their hands off of the touchscreen mirror.

Take a look below at just a few of the pictures taken.

Guests of honor
Guests of honor

Guests of honor 2

Two girls taking a photo

sticking your tonge out?

chicken head funny
Crazy good time

momma look at me
Look At Me!

4 girls in picture

giving a piggy back ride
Piggy back ride!

too many to count
Group photo

four girls smiling
Say cheese!

mom and her baby
Mom having fun


Some pictures of the event

picture of the venue
The Venue

picture of the head table
Head Table

photo of the dessert table
Dessert table

cupcake table
Cupcake anyone?

story book picture
Once Upon A Time

our prop table
Prop Table

props and hats
Grab a prop!

our mirror
Our interactive touchscreen mirror

Starbright Entertainment

Photo Booth Rentals

Call/Text to: (508)612-1366

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