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Starbright Entertainment at Oliver Wight Tavern

The Pub Quiz was a great success at Old Sturbridge Village. The Tavern was packed with guests having fun and busy answering questions, entering raffles and enjoying dinner. A big thank you to all the United Way volunteers for doing an exceptional job.

Teams of Pub Quiz participants lined up to get there pictures taken at our Mirror Me Photo Booth and as usual were excited and amazed in seeing the latest in technology in photo booths. Here are just a few photo's from last nights event.

Pub Quiz Team

Pub Quiz Team 1

Pub Quiz Team 2

Pub Quiz Team 3

Pub Quiz Team 4

Pub Quiz Team 5

Pub Quiz Team 6

Pub Quiz Team 7

Pub Quiz Team 8

Pub Quiz Team 9

United Way Volunteers

Starbright Entertainment

Mirror Me Photo Booth

Call/Text to: (508)612-1366


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