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50th Birthday Celebration at the Beer Garden

When you walk through the front doors at the Beer Garden in Worcester, MA, you can't help but feel at home. The wood finishes and rustic décor begin to draw you in, and the dimmed lighting creates a cozy ambiance setting. Stepping through the side door to the outside patio, there is another unique area with brick walkways and firepits to take the chill away.

We set our booth up in the attached function room that has a full bar and stage. The evening started with guests arriving and hitting the open bar. Food was served and a surprise Elvis impersonator started singing onstage. He was at the very least, extremely entertaining, and even joined in some of the photos at the booth. Besides the incident with one of the guests having a bit to much to drink and dropping her wine glass to the floor, everyone loved the Mirror Me Photo Booth, and the night was a blast for everyone. The night ended with the Beer Garden staff even jumping in for a picture with our Mirror.

Sign inside at the Beer Garden.
Starbright at the Beer Garden.

Starbright Entertainment

Mirror Me Photo Booth

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